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Krystal Resort Members Beware You Of Scams That Offer Great Travel Deals

Krystal Resort members highlight the fact that the pre-paid debit cards and electronic payment methods are becoming very popular. Scam artists are also very happy to use these to take advantage of travelers that are willing to use these payment methods. One of the most common scams that take advantage of these payment methods involve the selling of plane tickets and accommodations for travelers over private sale websites.

Krystal Resort members know that a traveler will see someone that is trying to sell discount plane tickets or accommodations on a website. They will contact the seller to find out about the offer. The seller may be a scam artist and will offer something that sounds like a great deal. When the traveler tries to take advantage of it, they will be told that they seller will accept a pre-paid debit card or will allow the buyer to use some electronic payment methods. The demand for a specific payment method is a red flag. The seller is choosing these payment methods for two reasons highlight the members of the Scam Prevention Team.

  • The payment methods do not leave a trail that will allow a person to find out who collected the money from them.
  • The payment methods that the seller suggests do not offer fraud protection for the buyer.

The solution to this potential scam is simple remind the members of the scam prevention team of Krystal Resort. A buyer should only use payment methods that give them the protection they need. Most major credit cards will give this protection. If the seller is not willing to accept these types of payment methods, it may be best to walk away. It may mean that the buyer does not get the best deal they may want, but it will prevent them from being the victim of a scam.

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