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Krystal Resort Provides Advice to Travelers on How to Avoid Distraction Scams

Krystal Resort Scam Prevention Team shares that there a wide range of scams that use different distractions to take advantage of people. Common distractions include spilling condiments on a person, throwing a fake baby in a blanket at someone, or utilizing street games and performances. One scammer provides all of these distractions, and their partner is then waiting for you to be entirely preoccupied and will then take that opportunity to pickpocket our wallet or other valuables.

The found ring is another common scam that is used as an easy distraction, but not for pickpocketing. The scammer will catch you off guard and come up to you while you are strolling on the sidewalk or checking out a great attraction. They will then ask if you have lost a ring and open up their palm to show you a piece of jewelry. When you say no, they will then put it on your finger and tell you that it looks quite good on you, and you should take it. The scammer will then go on to tell you that it appears to be very valuable and is made of gold, when in reality it is cheap brass.

If you decide finally to take it, they will tell you that they should get some money because they were the one who made this great find. In order to avoid confrontation, you may just pay for it and walk away. Krystal Resort Scam Prevention Team suggests that tourists can avoid being scammed from this by avoiding the person in general or just take the ring and put it at their feet and walk away.

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Krystal Resort Warns Travelers of Public Wi-Fi Scams

Krystal Resort scam prevention team recognizes the convenience of public Wi-Fi for travelers who want internet access for any number of reasons. It offers convenience within a given area to accomplish something while away from home. However, the risk of being targeted for scams can increase when using public Wi-Fi.

Technology is indeed a blessing, but it can also be abused by the wrong people. For example, a guest at a hotel might want to use the public Wi-Fi that is provided by that hotel. Scammers can take advantage of this by creating false wireless networks that appear to be that of a hotel.

For scammers with more technological skill, Krystal Resort scam prevention team knows that some have the ability to actually hack into a hotel’s Wi-Fi service to access the activity and information of a guest’s computer. From there, personal information can be used for personal gain and result in financial loss for a guest who simply wanted to utilize a convenient service provided by the hotel.

If the need to use public Wi-Fi arises, travelers should avoid accessing websites and inputting sensitive information that could be obtained by somebody committing scams. Having adequate virus protection and current updates will also serve as a defense from scams.  In other words, public Wi-Fi is better to use for only casual surfing. If anything on a wireless network seems suspicious, it should be reported to appropriate staff immediately for further investigation.

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Krystal Resort Associates Share Tips To Avoid Most Travel Scams

Krystal Resort associates say that if you knew how to avoid being scammed while traveling, you would probably do it. It is not fun to become a victim of a scam and if people took some basic steps they would avoid some of the most common travel scams. There are a few tips that will protect against some of the most popular scams advice the members of the Scam Prevention Team.

  • Do not trust strangers – Some of the scams that depend on gaining the trust of a traveler include the friendly and helpful stranger, the hotel food delivery and the front desk scam at hotels. Before you give out any sensitive and private information to a stranger, consider the problems that it can cause.
  • Keep your stuff in your hand – If you do not want to lose a piece of luggage while traveling, keep a hand on it. Even if you are distracted by unusual events around you, remember to hold onto your bags.
  • Don’t flash a lot of money – Scam artists target the people they think have money. Limit the amount of valuables you wear and do not show people how much money you have.
  • Take your time – The one thing the scam artists do not want to do is waste their time with someone. Most scams include some type of pressure to make a fast decision. If you are not sure about something, step back and take your time before making a decision.

Krystal Resort members say that these common sense tips will help prevent most travel scams from ever happening. They will make you less of a target and will allow you to enjoy your trip.

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Krystal Resort Members Say That Pick Pocket Scams Try Clean You Out

Krystal Resort scam prevention team members say that travelers are usually aware of the dangers of pickpockets. They know that pickpocket scams often take place in the areas where tourist are likely to be. They may also be aware of the fact that the scam artists work to distract the people they are trying to take any valuables from. What the travelers are not always aware of is how the scammers are able to distract them. There are several tools that the pickpockets can use.

  • Kids make great distractions – A crying child will make many tourists stop to try to help. When the tourist stops the scam artist swoops in and takes what they can.
  • Dropping bags – Pickpockets will pretend to fall and will drop their groceries on the ground. When the tourist steps in to help pick up the fallen goods, an accomplice will step in to get the valuables.
  • Spilled drinks – Some pickpockets will spill something on the tourist. They will then help the tourist clean up their clothes. While they are wiping the tourist down, they are also cleaning them out.

Krystal Resort members know that there are many other types of distractions that a pickpocket will take advantage of. A disturbance in public or a crowded subway will provide the cover that is needed. It only takes a good pickpocket a second to take what they want. It is also important to realize that many pickpockets work in teams. These scam teams allow one person to create the distraction while the other does the stealing. Travelers need to make sure that they have their valuables in a secure location while they are out in public to prevent anything from happening remind the members of the Scam Prevention Team.

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Krystal Resort Members Beware You Of Scams That Offer Great Travel Deals

Krystal Resort members highlight the fact that the pre-paid debit cards and electronic payment methods are becoming very popular. Scam artists are also very happy to use these to take advantage of travelers that are willing to use these payment methods. One of the most common scams that take advantage of these payment methods involve the selling of plane tickets and accommodations for travelers over private sale websites.

Krystal Resort members know that a traveler will see someone that is trying to sell discount plane tickets or accommodations on a website. They will contact the seller to find out about the offer. The seller may be a scam artist and will offer something that sounds like a great deal. When the traveler tries to take advantage of it, they will be told that they seller will accept a pre-paid debit card or will allow the buyer to use some electronic payment methods. The demand for a specific payment method is a red flag. The seller is choosing these payment methods for two reasons highlight the members of the Scam Prevention Team.

  • The payment methods do not leave a trail that will allow a person to find out who collected the money from them.
  • The payment methods that the seller suggests do not offer fraud protection for the buyer.

The solution to this potential scam is simple remind the members of the scam prevention team of Krystal Resort. A buyer should only use payment methods that give them the protection they need. Most major credit cards will give this protection. If the seller is not willing to accept these types of payment methods, it may be best to walk away. It may mean that the buyer does not get the best deal they may want, but it will prevent them from being the victim of a scam.

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