Krystal Resort Scam Reduction Team Describes the Front Desk Scam

Krystal Resort Vacations Club Scam Reduction Team understands that hotels make it their business to take care of their guests. They know that if a guest is unhappy, they could end up losing money in the future. One of the things that would make the guest unhappy is if they are a victim of a scam that occurs while they are at a hotel. It is not something that a hotel wants to happen, but it does occur. The best thing a hotel can do is to raise the scam awareness of its guest and they do that by telling them the tricks that people may use against them.

One of the most common things that happen to hotel guest is when they receive a call in the middle of the night from someone who says they are working for the hotel. Room numbers for a hotel are often easy to figure out and Krystal Resort Vacations Club Scam Reduction Team warns that the people who are calling may or may not be from the hotel.

The phone call will usually occur at night while the guest is sleeping. They will be told that there is a problem with the credit card that was provided and that they need to confirm the number. You should never giving out this information over the phone.

The Krystal Resort Vacations Club Scam Reduction Team suggests that the guest inform the caller that they will go down to the front desk in person to take care of the problem. This is the best way to make sure that the call is actually from the hotel that they are staying at and avoid becoming a victim.